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Kelly and Anna are passionate about helping people succeed, and they have been doing so for 30 years. With them, you don’t have to choose between a practice that looks great on paper or feels great in person—you can enjoy both. Results-driven and team-based, their approach will be personalized to your goals, and you’ll be able to see the changes in black and white thanks to their meticulous tracking.

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    Case acceptance is low.

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    We're seeking more new patients.

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    Running a dental office is stressful.

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    My team needs systems training.

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    We want more production & profit.

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    We need clear goals & motivation.

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    We need a productive hygiene schedule.

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    We want to attract & keep staff.

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    We need help adding an associate.

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    We want help with website & social media.

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    We're seeking more new patients.

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    We want to reduce cancels & no-shows.

What We Do


Each practice and team is different, which is why we don’t offer cookie-cutter training. Everything we present to you will be 100% personalized based on your situation and needs.

We can show you how to build simple yet effective systems so that your practice runs smoothly and has the capacity to grow quickly.


1-on-1 CEO

You’ll get to spend plenty of time with Kelly having all of your questions answered so you can gain the knowledge and skills training to become a better leader.

Customized power sessions with Kelly or Anna designed to help maintain a practice’s route to successfully reaching their goals or overcoming obstacles.


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Relationships made out of trust.

Transparency is important to us, which is why we track several metrics when coaching a practice so we can show how our input is leading to tangible changes. This puts dentists’ minds at ease and shows them that what we’re doing is working.

“Our dental office has been working with Schwartz Consulting Group for many years and I have been with them for the last five. It is amazing how much Kelly and Anna not only care about our success but about the people who make up our office as well. They have helped our office reach new goals, surpass our highest expectations, and be more accountable for what happens inside our office walls. Working with Kelly and Anna is one of the most rewarding parts of my job. They are always available to help, they have challenged me to be a better employee, and have helped me learn what it takes to be a key player in a successful practice. The advice that Kelly and Anna provide is professional and to the point – which is so hard to find! I am forever grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Schwartz Consulting Group and am excited to see what the future holds with them!”

Calla S, Office Manager

“Our practice has used Schwartz consulting for years now. Kelly and Anna are instrumental with helping practices succeed, create systems, and perform at higher levels. The approach they take when helping teams move patients forward is not that of a “pushy or hard-core sales,” type of feel. The processes are very real and the focus is more on educating the patients, so they do not leave our practice with trepidation and regret. The recare system is probably my favorite and if followed correctly, then can be the most valuable. He also introduced us to Dental Intel. This is the most advanced software I have seen in my 18 years in the field. I often wonder how we practiced without it before. There is no way you can truly have a pulse on things if the practice does not have the ability to review the metrics. Kelly and Anna have become friends and make the time for our staff when they have questions. I trust them implicitly and would recommend them to any practice who needs organization, growth, and systems put in place. I am also more than willing to discuss our success that we have had with Schwartz Consulting if your practice is considering working with them.”

Stacey E., Office Manager

“Kelly and his wife are a great team. We looked at several consultants and decided to go with Kelly after numerous discussions with clients of his that ranged anywhere from 6 months into his program to 20+ years of continual use of his program through multiple practices. Spent the last two days with him, and while our practice is not struggling (but definitely plateauing), I'm convinced he will take us to new heights that would not be possible without his systems. Thanks again for taking us on as a client Kelly!”

Daniel B., Dentist
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