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Turn to our knowledgeable dental practice coaches for everything you need to grow your dental practice. Achieve the full potential of your clinic while also living the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Why Work with
Schwartz Consulting Group?

For an experienced dental coaching team, turn to the Schwartz Consulting Group. Our dental coaching experts are here to help you reach your dental clinic goals and maximize your growth.

Some of the top reasons to turn to us for dental consulting services include:

Dental Industry Experience

Very few companies bring the same level of experience to the table as our dental coaching experts. Since our beginning in 1993, we have coached over 800 offices in 26 states. Throughout our 30 years in dental consulting, we’ve learned exactly what it takes to help a dental clinic succeed.

Results-Driven Dental Coaching

We use results-driven strategies to improve your dental office’s organization, training, case acceptance, and more. Our dental practice consultant offices have a combined revenue of over $900,000,000 annually while Increasing revenues over 34% year over year. Our practices have a combined patient base of over 2 million.

Customized Training Programs

We offer an exclusive approach with each dental office to ensure accessibility and availability while creating an individual, personal relationship with each doctor. We develop a customized training program for each dental clinic to maximize the potential of your practice. Customized training in YOUR office means no travel expenses for your staff.

Long-Term Results

We’re not only after a quick bump in patients or case acceptance. Our dental coaching services are based on a program designed for long-term results. We help you improve every aspect of your organization, from staff management and leadership to case acceptance and profitability.

Complete Program

When you work with the Schwartz Consulting Group, you can count on a complete solution. Whether you’re looking to attract and retain talent, market your practice, or grow your patient base, we’re here to help. We offer a complete dental coaching solution to transform your practice.

One-on-One Dental Practice Mentoring

Work directly with the Schwartz Consulting Group CEO’s, Kelly and Anna. You’ll never be shuffled around when you work with us, you can count on consistent coaching from experienced dental consultants. 

Kelly & Anna Schwartz

Kelly & Anna Schwartz

States &

Kelly and Anna are passionate about helping people succeed, and they have been doing so for 30 years. With them, you don’t have to choose between a practice that looks great on paper or feels great in person—you can enjoy both. Results-driven and team-based, their approach will be personalized to your goals, and you’ll be able to see the changes in black and white thanks to their meticulous tracking.

Our Dental Consulting Services

We offer a complete dental consulting program to help you achieve your dental clinic’s full potential. Our dental coaching services include:

Case Acceptance

Boosting case acceptance will increase your production. We teach you how to do just that. Our case acceptance training program covers patient education, case presentation, scripting/dialogue, and the total patient experience.


Far too many dental clinics focus exclusively on generating new patients. Patient retention is vital for long-term growth and sustainability. Learn all about morning huddles, cancellations/ no-shows, delayed treatment, and recall.

Art of Financial Agreements

Finances are a critical part of running a dental office, but they can be notoriously hard to manage. We’ll walk you through the art of financial agreements, including overhead control, reducing past-due claims, compensation, and more.


Streamline your scheduling processes to avoid conflicts and make things easier for front office staff. Our scheduling training includes recall systems, patient flow, block & release, and productive vs busy. 

Job Stewardships

Managing your team is critical to managing your practice. We teach you how to hire, review, and communicate with staff to ensure a unified and satisfied team. Learn everything you need to know about staff motivation, goal-setting, and accountability.

Results-Based Tracking

Tracking is essential for identifying areas of improvement and areas of opportunity for a dental office. We provide complete Dental Intel training and teach you about follow-up calls and ROI new patient tracking.

Achieve Unparalleled Dental Practice Growth with Schwartz Consulting Group

Operating a dental practice offers several challenges each day. Oftentimes, dental practice owners sacrifice their lifestyle goals to keep their offices afloat. With the help of the Schwartz Consulting Group, you can exceed your dental practice goals while also living a life of freedom. Working with our dental consultants helps you address several of the obstacles dental clinics face. Using the best modern tools and strategies, we help you streamline and grow your dental practice. We’ve already helped dental clinics around the country with our dental coaching services, and we’re ready to help you transform your dental office.

Average results from Our Dental Consulting Company include:


Treatment $ Acceptance %


Acceptance %


Average Increase In Production Year-Over Year


Average Increase To Office Collection

If you’re ready to grow your dental practice without working more, now is the time to turn to our dental coaching company.

Dental Coaching Case Studies

Learn more about how we’ve helped clinics just like yours reach their full potential via the case studies below.

Our Partners

To ensure the best dental coaching services to our clients, we work with industry-leading partners. Our partnerships allow us to provide complete dental coaching services to dental practices around the country. 

824 Offices Coached in United States and Canada

Our dedicated dental coaches have already helped hundreds of dental clinics throughout the United States and Canada. We’ve lent our expertise to help them improve their operations and ultimately grow their production. We’re ready to do the same for you! Check out some of the locations of our previous dental practice transformation successes!