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The path toward becoming a successful dentist is different for everyone, and finding what works for you isn’t always easy, especially if you’re trying to do it on your own while taking care of your patients and running a business. Whatever your career goals might be for the next six months, year, or five years and beyond, Schwartz Consulting Group is eager to help you reach them in the most efficient and personalized way possible, just like we have for so many dentists and practices over the past 30 years.

The Schwartz Difference

When you decide to partner with us, you can trust that you’ll always work with Kelly and Ann Schwartz, the founders of our company. They will serve as your coaches and provide customized training in your office so you and your staff can save on travel costs. This program will be designed around your specific goals and engineered to achieve long-term results. Their hands-on approach has led to countless satisfied clients and millions of dollars of growth over the decades, and they can’t wait to show you what’s possible.

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Manage by the Numbers

We introduce our software program and partner Dental Intel to establish baseline key practice indicators. We start with a complimentary download to go over your practice snapshot and potential. We show you the ins and outs of how your practice is performing based on the concrete facts and numbers and establish a two-day training program with you to utilize the software and systems. We will monitor and do follow-ups with you every other month to keep you on track to success.

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Our Process: How We Get Results

It all starts with an introductory, no-obligation phone conversation so you can get acquainted with Kelly and Anna and they can learn about your practice goals, needs, and concerns. From there, you’ll be asked to fill out a practice analysis form that covers the clinical and business aspects of your office. Then, they will design a 100% customized training program that will allow them to seamlessly guide you and your team to a new level of success.

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