Dental Office Management Plan

Dental Office Management Plan

Do you have a dental office RX plan? This is not a patient treatment plan; this is a plan that helps you to keep your practice healthy.

Doctors utilize tools such as X-rays, Periodontal Charting, Oral Cancer Exams and Intra Oral Camera Pictures to inspect every tooth in order to check for existing issues and help prevent any problems for their patients. Your practice deserves the same thorough and preventative measures.

Why You Need A Dental Office Management Team Building

Here are five areas you should examine to determine the health of your practice:

1. What is the overall attitude of your team?
a. Does your team encourage growth?
b. Does your team hold customer service in high regard?

2. What is the overall appearance of the practice?
a. what is the image?
b. Clean and free from clutter?
c. Does it make people comfortable and want to come back?
3. Evaluate your practice’s systems-
a. Is your recall system effective?
b. Are delayed treatment plans being worked?
c. Are all financial arrangements in place?
d. Are scheduling protocols being followed?
e. Is your team’s patient communication and dialogue effective?
f. Are goals being set and understood by your team?
g. Do you have a cancellation and no-show protocol in place and is it being followed?

4. Is your morning huddle effective? (Your team should start the day with a cohesive plan!)

5. Are you marketing your practice?
a. Is everyone on the team asking for the referrals you want from patients on a daily basis?

Leading Your Dental Office Management Team

Keeping your practice healthy is hard work. It may require more than just one meeting to fix and may even require a specialist or coach. Make sure you set up dedicated training times to address any issues within the practice. Are you inspecting what you are expecting? Are you feeling like a patient, overwhelmed with what it takes to stay healthy? If you feel your office needs a second opinion or a treatment plan, do not hesitate to contact me. In future blogs I will begin breaking down each topic in smaller easier-to-apply treatment plans. E-mail me any comments or suggestions you may have about what you would like to see here, or to discuss setting up an appointment. Be sure to check back often!

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