Give Your Dental Office Business Plan GAME

This season Payton Manning won his 5th NFL MVP award. But that prestigious award didn’t mean anything when the Denver Broncos took the field on February 2nd. It took only one play to see it was going to be a tough day at the office for the Broncos. From where I sat, and I’m a Broncos fan, both teams had the GEAR, but the Seahawks brought the GAME.

Most patients walk into your office and see all the things that makes a practice look successful: the reception area has comfortable furniture, the staff are all in matching uniforms, there are diplomas, awards, and certifications hanging on the walls. There are enough computers, intra-oral cameras, digital x-ray machines, and other technology to make the average person think they are in a Star Trek movie. That’s the GEAR.

But what does it really take to bring the GAME? What can you do to give your Dental Office Business Plan more than just GEAR?

It starts with the three A’s:

Attitude:  A mental state involving beliefs, feelings, values and disposition to act in a certain way. Attitude is contagious, one person can affect everyone around them in either a positive or negative way. Attitude is also a choice, we can make a decision to have a positive attitude, regardless of the circumstances that surround us.

Ability: Possession of the qualities required to do something or get something done. This is not the same thing as talent. Ability is something that is increased with knowledge, practice and repetition. Investing in developing your own abilities, and those of your team, elevates the whole organization.

Approach: as a verb – Ideas or actions intended to deal with a problem or situation. I prefer to think of approach as a game plan. You can influence the outcomes of situations before they even start by having a strategy in place from the beginning and planning for different things that may happen along the way.

The Seahawks came into the SuperBowl with the attitude that they were going to win, they did not care that they were the underdogs. They didn’t stop honing their abilities after they made it to the big game, they prepared and practiced even more. Their approach was to overwhelm the Broncos with aggressive defense and force turnovers. And boy, did it work.

You can apply these same fundamentals to your practice. Challenge yourself and ask, “How good am I at these? How good are WE at these?” Once you have an assessment of where you are, you can begin to make improvements.

“Are you going to just let it happen or are you going to make it happen?”

Business Systems for the dental office are critical to wining the championship

Certain systems are designed to improve your offense:

Recall,Delayed Treatment , Reducing Cancellations and No Shows.

Other systems are to improve your defense:

Goal Setting, Accountability,  Scheduling, and the Art of Financial Arrangements.

If you’ve got the GEAR, but need some help bringing the GAME, I can help.

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