Frequently Asked Questions – Charlotte, NC

Kelly and Anna are always willing to take the time to answer potential clients’ questions so that they can feel completely confident when partnering with Schwartz Consulting Group. You’ll find responses to some popular ones below, and you are always welcome to give us a call as well.

How much does the coaching program cost?

The overall cost of the coaching program will vary from client to client based on the kind of training they would like to receive. Kelly and Anna can visit an office just for a few days or come back every quarter depending on a team’s needs and goals. This will all be covered during your initial consultation so you’ll know exactly what to expect before committing to anything.

Can you help specialists as well as general dentists?

Yes, Kelly and Anna have decades of experience advising all types of dentists, including specialists such as orthodontists, periodontists, prosthodontists, oral surgeons, and pediatric dentists. The personalized nature of their approach means their training can be easily tailored to any practice!

How long will training last?

An initial training session will typically involve Kelly and Anna visiting your practice and providing hands-on coaching for a few days. From there, they can visit quarterly for additional training if you would like, and they’ll also help you keep track of the changes in your practice using Dental Intel so you can see how it has improved thanks to their input.

What types of practices have you worked with before?

All kinds! Kelly and Anna have helped big city practices with high production become even more profitable and efficient and also worked with rural offices that need to pull patients from a larger geographic area. Over the decades, they have seen it all, so they have likely already helped someone who was in your exact situation!

What kind of increase in profits can I expect?

The average increase in profit for a practice that partnered with Schwartz Consulting Group in 2021 was $346,000. The largest was over $1.7 million. For a two-location practice, the largest increase was almost $3.3 million.

I can’t retain my team members or find new ones. Can you help?

Yes, Schwartz Consulting Group can show you proven ways to attract top-quality talent and keep your best staff members happy so they stay by your side for years to come.