How A Single Dentist Made $950k Working 2 Days Per Week Without Spending A Dime…..

Many of the dentists we speak to are looking to boost production by generating new patients.

It’s a very doable process when you have the right strategies in place.

You just tell us how many new patients you need, and we estimate the patient-acquisition cost for your practice based on your local competition. In general, you can expect a cost from $25 to $75 per patient.

It’s a very simple way to grow your dental clinic, but is it the best option?

Increasing the number of new patients also increases your overhead. It cuts into your free time and has a massive impact on your team.

What if there was a better, more sustainable way to increase your production without? One that didn’t require all of your time or a huge marketing spend.

It’s not a pipe dream. One of our dental clients increased his production to $950k while working 2 days a week. He didn’t spend a dime on marketing.

About Dr. Mike

In 2019, Dr. Mike purchased his second dental practice. In the first year, he invested heavily in paid marketing, growing his production to $1M. But then the 2020 pandemic hit. He had to put a halt to marketing, and this had a huge impact on his dental clinic.

He began losing patients quicker than he could organically add new ones. Therefore, his practice digressed rapidly.
The good news is that he found us at just the right time.

We assessed his dental practice KPIs and found that the best way to grow his practice (without expensive marketing or additional stress) was to increase his production per visit and limit the number of days his dental office was open.

Simply by addressing these two areas, we helped him increase his production from $653,874 in 2020 to $949,811 in 2021. He added $300,000 in production, without adding overhead, meaning that more of his production was profitable.
Just look at his production per visit in July 2020 and July 2021. It went from $325 to $592!
Dr. Mike only works 2.5 days at this dental practice. By keeping his production-per-visit consistently high in 2022, Dr. Mike knew he’d be able to grow the dental practice by another $250,000 without adding hours or paying for marketing.

Let’s Boost Your Production Per Visit

Now, it’s your turn!

Take a look at your current analytics. What is your current production per visit? How can you increase it?

Are you still spending money on expensive marketing? Or working longer and longer hours without results?

We’re here to help you work less while increasing your production, all without paid dental ads.

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