How We Generated 392 Patients For $55 Each, Bringing $299k Of Extra Production?

Acquiring new patients is a never-ending struggle that many dental clinics face. 


Are you stressed trying to constantly bring in new patients?


Have former marketing efforts failed you?


If you’ve ever felt disappointed with dental marketing or frustrated by a lack of new patients, you aren’t alone. 


But what if you knew, for a fact, that every dollar you spent would generate $2 in return. 


Sounds like a perfect slot machine, right?

30 New Patients PER MONTH

Well, it’s not a gambling fantasy, it’s a proven marketing strategy we’ve used to generate one of our clients over 30 new patients each month.

Just check out his New Patient Monthly chart below.
In 2021, we generated 392 patients for him! This resulted in an additional $299,000! For every dollar he spent on marketing, he generated $14 more… That’s a 14x return on investment!

Consistent New Patients Transform Your Dental Office

Here are some other key stats for his dental office:
His average annual patient value is $763/year. So, we multiplied that by the 392 new patients to estimate an additional production of $299,096 for 2021.

$763 *392 = $299,096

A 14:1 return on investment and $299k in extra production!

Consistently bringing in new patients has many other benefits for dental clinics. Check out how the influx of new patients impacted other aspects of our client’s dental office below:

It’s Your Turn

What about your dental practice? What if you achieved these results?

It would certainly reduce your stress.

But it could also change your life.

More appointments booked in the future can change how you run your dental office.

You could hire more help. Ramp up marketing efforts.

The future looks bright, doesn’t it?

But YOU need to take the first step.

Contact us so we can talk about how to transform you into the next case study.

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