Human Dynamics – Charlotte, NC

Greatness Is Built By People

Even though technology is having an ever-growing influence on our lives as well as how dentistry is practiced, the ability of one person (particularly a doctor) to communicate with another is still one of the most important aspects when it comes to long-term success. By strengthening your own communication skills as well as those of your team members, you can enable everyone to reach their full potential while avoiding the pitfalls of mixed or unclear messages.

Why Choose Schwartz Consulting Group for Human Dynamics Training?

  • 30 Years of Experience Helping Dentists Achieve Lasting Results
  • 100% Personalized Training for Every Client
  • Coaching Provided in Your Home Office


No matter the size of a practice, a single dentist, hygienist, assistant, or administrator can’t do everything on their own. How do you and your team work together? Does everyone know what their responsibilities are? Is anyone taking on tasks that could be handled faster by someone else? We can help you and your staff accomplish much more day-to-day without having to work harder by ensuring your teamwork is on point.


Even if you aren’t the head dentist and owner of a practice, you can still be a leader. You can do so by modeling how you want others to operate in the office. And, when it comes to direct leadership (as in giving people a goal and instructions), that can be tricky. But, we can share proven tools and methods with you so that your message comes across in a way that will make your staff and colleagues eager to follow and support you.

Verbal Skills

Strong verbal communication skills are a must, and it’s no shame if you’re great with teeth, but a little uncomfortable with conversation. We can show you and your staff how to better communicate with each other and patients while remaining honest, authentic, and not having to follow a pre-written script.


Most communication these days happens online and through devices, and we can show you how to reach out to your patients with email, text messages, and voicemail in a way that bolsters their motivation to visit you. Little adjustments can make a huge difference, allowing you to take advantage of today’s technology when it comes to outreach.