Its hard to believe that fall is upon us, kids are back to school and the start of another year is just around the corner. Here in Charlotte it still feels like summer with temperatures in the 90’s during the day and our pool is still warm and in use. (Sorry to tease my Northern clients that are about to get your butts kicked with the cold and snow… in October)

Schwartz Consulting Group Year End Ramp UpNow is the time to have your game plan in effect to boost your fall and early winter schedule.

A quick and effective way to do so is the un-used benefits letter. Many patients are not aware that if they do not use their insurance benefits they lose them.

Timing of the letter is important, if you send out the letter too late patients may get frustrated that they can’t get an appointment due to the busy rush of your year end schedule, holidays and vacations.

Send these letters out no later than mid October with a clear call to action for the patient to call NOW to schedule their appointment by the end of November or early December. Yes, you will have stragglers who will not listen and call December 29th wanting in before the end of the year, but this campaign will reduce that.

The first part of the year typically has a higher case acceptance rate due to many patients having insurance availability during the first Prophy of the year. For any patients that delayed having treatment before, consider including a intra oral camera photo of the tooth or teeth needing treatment with the un-used benefits letter to remind them of treatment still needed.

You should also consider a segmented marketing approach. Send the un-used benefits letter to those patients needing bigger procedures, like Crown and Bridge, first. Block extra time in your fall schedule to accomodate these appointments. A week later, send your letter to all your other patients needing work and begin filling in your schedule.

As a follow up to the letter, train your staff to make calls during their down time. Provide them with a script that is patient focused and emphasizes how booking now ensures that they are getting the most out of the dental insurance they have already paid for.

If you do not have an un-used benefits letter, or want to see if your letter hits the mark, just reply to this email and we will be happy to send you a free copy of our un-used benefits letter, or help you improve the letter you are currently using.