How One Simple Decision Increased A Dentist’s Collection By $541k In Just One Year

After over three decades of dental experience, Dr. Rebecca has seen everything. 


She’s partnered with a variety of dental coaches and marketers throughout her time. 


The advice they gave was always basically the same. They wanted her to make small goals for each year. They thought she should be happy as long as she improved a little bit from the previous year. 


She always heard things like “there’s no reason to add more pressure!” or “you’re making plenty of money already.”


Have you ever heard something similar?


Have you ever felt that your production was stagnant, no matter how much you worked or spent on marketing?


Regardless of if you’re a newer dentist or an experienced one like Dr. Rebecca, the answer is a pretty simple one. 


We’ve developed a proven system that we’ve used to help numerous dental practices resolve their production problems. 


After reviewing Dr. Rebecca’s dental practice numbers, we told her we could help her achieve 25% growth in the next 12 months. 


Safe to say, she was in disbelief! We know exactly why she was so skeptical, but we walked her through every step of the system to make sure she felt at ease. 


Skip ahead one year…


Dr. Rebecca increased her collections 27% and 38% for her first and second dental practices respectively. This led to a 22% and 34% increase in production. 


Check out her numbers below.

Dental Office A - Collections

Dental Office A - Production

Dental Office B - Collections

Dental Office B - Production

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In total, she increased collections by  $541,559 for both locations and production by $471,316!


Dr. Rebecca’s improvement is certainly impressive! But can it work for your dental practice?


We know that’s what you want to know! 


But the only way we can know for certain is to discuss your dental practice. In one simple call, we can find out if we can do the same for your dental clinic. 


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By the way, Dr. Rebecca cleared over $500k in production for 2022. It all began with the same call you can get on your schedule. Scheduling that appointment was the one simple decision that gained her half of a million dollars. Let’s find out how far we can take your dental practice. 

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