Answering the phone may seem like a simple task, but it’s often the first impression of your business and can be the key to success or failure.SCG Dial It In phone

Training staff on basic phone skills is often overlooked because we assume everyone who knows our company name should be able to answer the phone. Why? Because we were taught at a young age how pick up and answer the phone. Or were we?

When customers call, they’re calling for a reason. Some are calling to get basic information, some are calling for directions, some are making an appointment. Regardless of the reason, your staff should give every caller the VIP treatment. The desire to do business with your company can be lost in just 30 seconds from poor phone skills.

Here are a few basics of phone etiquette that everyone should be trained on:

• If a customer is in front of you, don’t answer the phone. Let it go to another staff member.

• Be friendly! A smile does change the way your voice sounds over the phone and engages the caller.

• Don’t leave callers on perpetual hold. Check back with them every two minutes to let them know they have not been forgotten.

• When taking a message ask for the correct spelling of their name, the best number to contact them and time, and email address.

• Make sure that your recorded outgoing message has important information about your business such as hours, website and when they can expect a return phone call from a staff member.

It’s an expensive mistake to make a caller feel like they’re an inconvenience to your office. Answering the phone well is a vital part of your businesses success. Dial in your staff’s phone skills today!