Services & Products – Charlotte, NC

Giving You the Tools For Success

At Schwartz Consulting Group, we’re big believers in using technology to make our clients' lives easier and more successful. That’s why a large part of our coaching involves introducing practices to services and products that can facilitate them reaching their goals in the most efficient and straightforward ways possible. Just like performing a procedure, a great instrument can make life so much simpler.

Why Choose Schwartz Consulting Group for Services & Products Training?

  • 30 Years of Experience Helping Dentists Get Lasting Results
  • 100% Customized Training for Each Client
  • We Can Show You Your Results on Paper

Case Presentation

When you’re presenting a case to a patient or a conference, how do you do it? Do you have a multimedia presentation rich with visual aids, or do you just talk about the clinical aspects of someone’s care? Seeing is believing in today’s world, but also being able to clearly explain something verbally is valuable as well. In the end, we can help you up your game in both of these aspects so that your presentations always make the right impression.

Patient Education

Patients don’t know what they don’t know, and that’s A LOT when it comes to dentistry. With our patient education training, we can help you close the knowledge gap so that your patients better understand the services and value you are offering them. The more they know, the more likely they are to accept treatment and send more people your way.

Website & SEO & Social Media

Every practice needs to have a professional-looking website in order to grab new patients, but you majored in dentistry, not web design, right? We can connect you with world-class designers, writers, and SEO engineers that will create a custom site that reflects your practice perfectly and functions seamlessly in getting the right kinds of patients through the door.

Marketing & New Patient Tracking

We cannot only help you put together a marketing plan, but also show you how to track its success. Rather than sending out a few mailers and hoping for the best, we can provide you with a multi-pronged strategy that combines both online and offline methods, and then we can show you just how well your marketing dollars are working for you.