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Job Stewardships

Your dental team is instrumental for the patient experience. Having a committed, bought-in team is essential for dental practice success. But managing your dental team can be quite a challenge. You’ve got to ensure that everyone feels valued and motivated, from the front office staff to hygienists and dentists.  We teach you everything you need to know, from hiring to team culture and talent retention.

Art of Financial Agreements

Financial agreements are a core operational consideration for dental offices. Outdated or unfavorable policies can have a negative impact on your team or your dental practice as a whole. Understanding and implementing the ideal financial agreements can make a difference in a profitable dental practice. Learn from our experts everything about the art of dental financial agreements.


Patient scheduling is a critical operational consideration. Improper or unproductive scheduling can drain resources and hurt your bottom line. Understanding the best scheduling practices and using the optimal tools helps ensure proper patient flow. Turn to our experienced dental consultants for everything you need to know about scheduling.


Patient acquisition is only part of growing your dental practice. Keeping patients active and retaining them is a major obstacle for many dental offices. Inactive patients offer a huge opportunity for dental practice growth. Tapping into your existing patient base is one of the best ways to increase revenue without expending many expensive resources. Our dental consulting experts teach you the ins and outs of patient retention.

Case Acceptance

One important way to increase the average lifetime value of your patients is to increase case acceptance. Getting patients on board (and scheduled) for their recommended treatments makes all of the difference. Proper patient education and treatment pitches are critical for case acceptance. Learn all about how to present cases and improve the total patient experience to boost case acceptance.

Results-Based Tracking

Data is one of the most valuable tools for improving and growing your dental practice. Dental Intel is the best modern tool for tracking all of your core metrics, but it can be overwhelming at first. That’s why our dental coaches train you on how to use Dental Intel and track ROI for new patients. We’ll teach you everything you need to know for effective results-based tracking.


Getting your dental practice in front of relevant leads helps you attract new patients and re-activate current ones. In the modern digital age, online marketing is an important resource for dental practices in every location. Schwartz Consulting Group offers comprehensive dental marketing services to help you grow your dental practice.

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