Dental Practice Systems – Charlotte, NC

The Building Blocks of Every Successful Practice

When you find a thriving practice, you’ll also find three things every time: a great dentist, an excellent team, and multiple healthy systems that they use every day. Even skilled and passionate people can’t overcome faulty or outdated systems that slow everything down, but we can help you improve this foundational part of your practice so that your days seem easier while you get much more accomplished.

Why Choose Schwartz Consulting Group for Dental Practice Systems Training?

  • 30 Years of Experience Helping Dentists Get Results
  • Customized Training Provided in Your Office
  • Hands-On Training to Use the Latest Tools


A healthy recall schedule is often the lifeblood of a practice, but getting people to consistently come in for their checkups and cleanings can be a challenge whether you’re dealing with a few hundred patients or a few thousand. With our recall system, we can make this easy for your team to keep up with while ensuring that patients receive plenty of friendly reminders that make “forgetting” much less likely.


What does your schedule look like on average? Is it busy beyond belief, or do you find yourself with a lot of time between patients? Do you get a little bit of both from month to month? We can show you and your team how to make scheduling a breeze so that you only work as hard as you want and know what to expect day to day when it comes to patient flow.

DI Training

Schwartz Consulting Group uses Dental Intel software to track every metric you can imagine when it comes to running a dental practice. On top of new patient numbers, it can show you your case acceptance rate and other things that similar tools overlook. We personally use it to show our clients how we are getting results for them, and we can also train your team on how to use it so that you can benefit from all the information it can reveal.

New Patient Flow

Most practices want new patients, but they also want the right kind of patient. While a special or discount can easily get people through the door, you know that they usually won’t stay. Our methods for finding and retaining new patients can ensure that certain people come to see you so that you’re doing more of the kind of treatments you like and less of the other stuff.

Treatment Pending / Delayed

What percentage of your patient base knows that they require treatment, but they simply haven’t scheduled it yet? This delay is not only bad for their health, but it puts a burden on your practice as well. We can show you systems that are great at getting these people into the chair that don’t involve annoying reminders so that by the time they come to see you, they are happy they did.