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More Praise for Schwartz Consulting

I have seen the profit and loss statements of many of his clients and I have been impressed that his client results and productivity have been in the top percentile as far as profitability and productivity go.

-Dr. Charles Blair in Charlotte, N.C.

“Kelly has innovative ideas and methods to getting the doctor and staff motivated and has improved our business systems from scheduling, to patient dialogue, to marketing, to staffing issues; pretty much whatever you need help with – not to mention saved me a few headaches too. We find more patients accepting treatment plans with the staff playing a major role in this without me having to do it all.”

Dr. Steve W. in Wilksboro, NC

“Kelly has helped make the transition from dental school to being in a busy practice, and managing a large staff, easier than I ever would have thought. It has been great having a consultant come to us for in-office training, rather than gathering the staff and going to them. Kelly’s willingness to travel to us has made receiving in-office staff training much more efficient, plus it allows us to learn right in our own office. Kelly’s great moral and ethical character carries through to his excellent advice.”

Dr. Ethan N. in Edenton, NC

“Kelly’s personal touch has helped my practice grow and become much more efficient. Within a few months of Kelly’s guidance, we saw a significant increase in productivity. Ever since we have implemented Kelly’s systems, my office runs like a well oiled machine with everyone operating on the same page. Kelly continues to makes himself available for any questions, concerns or advice that I may need. I have and will continue to recommend his services to my friends and colleagues.”

Dr. Daniel F. in Livonia, MI

“I am constantly impressed with Kelly’s ability to connect instantly with my staff during training. He has a unique way of not only to seeing challenges but also pinpointing solutions instantly. I’d highly recommend Schwartz Consulting for anyone looking for measurable results. Kelly’s no nonsense approach is not only refreshing, entertaining, and insightful but it simply gets results.”

Dr. Chris K. in Edenton, NC

“In a nutshell, bringing Schwartz Consulting into my office was one of the best decisions of my career. Due to Kelly’s wealth of management knowledge in business, personnel, finance, communication, and organization, we haven’t looked back since. He is always available to me and his input is invaluable. I highly recommend Schwartz Consulting to any dentist who wants to have a successful practice.”

Dr. Ron B. in Charleston, SC

“We have been working with Schwartz Consulting for the past eight months and our office has seen some incredibly positive changes. Our staff has embraced his efforts in our office and each employee has made significant efforts in improving their contribution to the team. Thanks to Kelly’s work we went from having multiple openings in our hygiene schedule everyday to being fully booked 10 weeks out. Our case acceptance on major procedures has doubled, and because of the work Kelly has done with our collections we are able to sleep well knowing that we have secured payment for all procedures through the use of his financial agreements with out patients. Our bottom line gross production has increased by nearly 30%, and it is still increasing every month! During the worst economic time of my life we have seen (in just eight months) a return of nearly six times what we invested in having Kelly work with us. I truly believe that working with Kelly has also been an extremely beneficial move for our patients. We are pulling less teeth and restoring more, periodontal treatment is being accepted more, and more of our patients are up to date on their cleanings. I would highly recommend working with Kelly Schwartz.”

Dr. David Y. and Dr. Brian A. in Greenville, SC

“Our group practice was experiencing growing pains. We had added a new associate and additional staff but even with excellent new patient flow we were unproductive and inefficient.

We decided we needed help; we interviewed several companies that started with a salesperson and ended with a field person.

Kelly was different, he was our contact start to finish, and he held himself accountable for our success. His personality made changes comfortable for our entire staff, but he called it like it was if changes needed to be made in the staff or practice systems. He told us the changes needed for a success. He put systems into place that made everyone aware that their position and promoted staff ownership of our practice. Our office manager didn’t just put the next fire out she managed and our staff reviews were no longer subjective revolving doors but objective with goals and criteria to be met. The net result was a 22% increase in our collections the next year well over $560,000.

We just completed our second session with Kelly after five years to re-energize and review our systems. He has been in touch with us constantly and has always made himself available as a sounding board for our practice. Kelly is our guy. My two partners and I feel we have a true friend.”

Dr. B., Dr. C and Dr. D. in PA

Before working with Kelly we were very unorganized and lost in where we were trying to go. He was able to organize our systems and gave us direction which made our practice much less stressful and enabled us to move forward with a positive attitude and a sense of purpose. One of the things we liked was Kelly was always our trainer and he came to our office and we did not have the cost of staff travel. The results from his coaching made our practice very profitable.  Even more important is to this day 15 years later, I can call Kelly and he is always willing to talk and help us with any issue. With Kelly once a client always a client.
Dr. S.D. in Rockford, MI

I truly believe the difference between you and all other consultants is that you really do care about your clients and their success. Your ability to interpret the numbers and the practice needs is incredible. I am amazed at the difference between my practice now and just six months ago. The stress of living month to month is gone. I have made equipment purchases needed, paid the staff more, and am personally more comfortable and happier than just a few months ago. I consider you a mentor, coach, and friend

Dr. William “Tal” L in Morganton, N.C.

We came to Kelly with a large successful group practice. In spite of being busy we felt we weren’t as profitable as we could have been. He came to us with a fresh set of eyes and targeted areas in which we were clearly deficient. One of the biggest improvements was implementing sound and transparent financial policies. It took some effort to retrain our staff and patients. After doing so we wondered what took us so long. While improving cash flow, it made us look more organized and professional to our patients. The results have been an increase in collections of nearly 1 million dollars this past year.

Other systems you helped us improve include recall and unfinished treatment. Kelly’s presentations were well organized. I appreciate how he handled staff concerns and gained their respect.

Dr. G H in Ashburn and Reston VA

I have been a practicing DMD since 1998 and I have seen a lot of changes in our profession. I watched my practice grow and then plateau. It was a bit discouraging for me and I was losing my passion for dentistry. I knew we needed some guidance but wasn’t sure where to get it from. After lots of research on consultants, I decided on Schwartz Consulting Group. They are different than anyone else I had read about or spoke to. Kelly is very hands on and completely involved in “my” practice. He has regular meetings with me and my staff making sure we all fully understand and are applying what he recommends and what works best for our practice. I love that his systems are able to be tweaked for what we need and the philosophy of our office needs. Kelly is all about production and being efficient, but he also is about patient satisfaction and quality dentistry. Schwartz Consulting Group has made a major impact on my practice and he has brought back my love of dentistry. I highly recommend Schwartz Consulting Group!

Dr. Michael in Rock Hill, S.C.

No doubt the search for a consultant is a painful one. But I am extremely satisfied with our choice in Schwartz Consulting Group. Change is never easy and sometimes we try to resist. SCG took away that fear. They made a plan that was tailored to our office and our needs. Not a “cookie cutter” consulting group at all. Kelly spends quality time with us and our staff. He implements his plan in steps, which allows us to make sure everyone fully understands their role and apply it before moving on to the next phase. We have total control over what we choose to do. Kelly “listens” to our office and uses his many years of experience to guide us to be the most profitable and successful that we can be. I have been in dentistry for 23 years and an OM for 14 of those years, I have learned so much from them. Just small simple changes that Kelly has recommended have made a huge impact in our practice. He has ways to plug up the holes in your retention program and systems that over and over have proven to increase production and patient satisfaction. I know it can be scary to let go and trust an outsider with your office, but if you choose Schwartz Consulting Group, you will not be disappointed.

Dr. James F. in Rock Hill S.C.

Hiring Schwartz Consulting Group has easily been the best decision we have made for our practice in a long time. When our office experienced a slow down and entered a “lull” phase, we had to figure out how we could dig ourselves out of it. After numerous attempts of “do it yourself” failed, we recognized that we needed a professional. This was the time for us to step up our game and invest in our practice. Hiring a consultant with the knowledge and experience we needed to coach us through and out of this downturn was no longer a question. That’s where Kelly has had a tremendous impact on our practice. Not only did he increase our production and collections, he improved the morale of our team and has taken us to the next level as practitioners and business owners. His coaching methods made it easy to understand and implement the various practice techniques that have given us our best year ever. Kelly was able to get the whole team on board to achieve the office goals and install systems that will ensure continued success. I highly recommend Kelly to all of my peers, he will get you and your staff on the right track to success and you will wish you worked with him sooner.

Stephanie P. – Office Manager in Rock Hill S.C.

We’ve been working with Kelly for over 2 years. Without a doubt I can honestly correlate a $400,000 increase in our office’s production after the first year alone.

He helped us think outside of the box to find a new front desk person who is by far one of the best employees we’ve ever hired.

When most of the offices in our area and nationwide have seen a 15-30% drop in production from the economy, we are on pace to have another record year. I know a lot of dentists out there would like some advice to help turn their offices around or just help them take it from 4th to 5th gear but most of the time we are either too proud or too stubborn to admit it.

From our experience, asking for Kelly’s help and bringing his systems into our offices was the smartest move we’ve made.

Dr. Tom G. and Dr. Chris P. in Charlotte, NC

We have many mutual clients with practice management consultant Kelly Schwartz of Schwartz Consulting Group. We have seen great results with Kelly’s program, and if you are considering a practice management consultant I strongly encourage you to speak with him. Kelly is truly one of the best practice management consultants I have seen.


As a young dentist taking over an established practice, consulting with Kelly was the BEST money I have invested in my practice. I have used Kelly for 2 years, and our production has increased 50%. We easily recouped Kelly’s fees within the first two months. While the numbers are great, the stress relief from visualizing your goals and having the tools to get there has been the most satisfying improvement.

Kelly Schwartz provides all the tools, wisdom, and systems to allow you to grab control of your office and mold it into the workplace of your dreams. He will not, however, tell you how to run a practice, collect his money, and leave. Kelly is there every step of the way to teach and provide advice, but he allows you to work within your ideals and comfort zones to produce a highly efficient, but highly fun workplace.

Kelly’s dental knowledge and ability to “crunch the numbers” is staggering. He easily commands attention and flawlessly teaches concepts in a method anyone can understand. We were able to increase production time by 25% by intelligently tweaking our schedule. His recall system is second-to-none, and it has filled hygiene chairs and brought patients back into our office that we hadn’t seen in years. My staff is working as a “team” for the first time, which has alleviated tensions, improved flow of care, and, simply, increased our ability to provide first-rate treatment. We are no longer out on our separate islands performing dentistry… We are a smart, smooth, well-oiled machine working toward the same goals.

I strongly recommend Kelly Schwartz to any young dentist trying to establish a practice, understand the business side, and improve efficiency or production. I would recommend Kelly just as highly to an established dentist who is in the “comfort zone” but has aspirations for greater things. Don’t delay, using Kelly Schwartz is a decision you will wish you had made much earlier.

I now love going to work every day! I understand all of the office’s ins and outs, have a strong vision on where we are headed, and have a staff that is motivated to get us there. Thanks Kelly!!!

Dr. J. W. in Charleston, SC

“Kelly has guided our practice to reach goals that were once considered unreachable. He has helped bring our practice to a new level with expert advice, great verbal skills, savvy business principles, and improved team empowerment and efficiency. Kelly brings a wealth of experience, and his style creates a win-win situation for the doctor, staff, and patient! He is truly helping us reach the potential we always knew we had, as he provided an insightful roadmap on how to get there.”

Dr. Tim B. in Union Grove, NC

I hired Kelly Schwartz as a consultant on a recommendation from a colleague in September of 2010. In the beginning, I was skeptical of the outcomes that would be produced; however, after our first meeting, I realized he was exactly what I and my practice needed. Within the first year, my practice has improved tremendously generating more revenue and making the investment of hiring Kelly well worth every penny. Kelly is very knowledgeable and straight forward. He is committed to improving each client’s practice no matter what or how long it may take. It did not take long to see that Kelly is a valuable asset; I would want him on my side in any given situation. I consider him to be one of the finest consultants available to the dental industry as well as a personal friend.

Dr. Jimmy W. in Washington, N.C.