What We Do – Charlotte, NC

Fully Personalized & Results Driven

We offer a lot of different types of guidance and coaching at Schwartz Consulting Group, but our programs revolve around four main pillars. Each of them helps us directly address common areas of concern that hold dentists and practices back from their full potential, and they can all be tailored to suit your unique situation and goals.

1-on-1 CEO Mentoring

Nothing works faster and better than personalized attention, which is why a big component of our approach involves you receiving one-on-one mentoring with our founder and CEO, Kelly Schwartz. With 30 years of experience and a passion for helping people succeed, he’s ready to turn your hopes and dreams into actions that lead to real, tangible results.

Custom Training

Everything that Schwartz Consulting Group offers will be customized based on you, your team, your practice, and what you hope to achieve. Nothing is cookie-cutter. You will never receive a generic presentation, speech, or handout that countless other dentists have experienced. When you get coaching from Schwartz Consulting Group, it is 100% original and designed for you. Plus, all of the instruction will happen in your home office!  

Systems Creation

Often, a dental practice lives and dies by its systems. Good systems help keep patients (and money) flowing, while inadequate ones can grind everything to a halt. There are more tools than ever today that can make your practice run smoothly while making sure every little detail is accounted for, and we can teach you and your staff how to use them so they become second nature in no time.

Power Coaching

We know that coming up with a plan to improve your practice is relatively easy compared to actually implementing it, and that’s why Kelly and Anna offer customized power coaching sessions that will help you and your team stay on track with the program they recommend. They’ll give you the energy and motivation you need to reach your goals efficiently while enabling you to overcome (or avoid) any obstacles so that the path forward is as straightforward as possible.

Financial Coaching

Dentists, in addition to being doctors, are also often business owners. This means they not only need to be skilled clinically, but literate (preferably savvy) financially as well. Making sure your patients and business remain healthy is a huge ask, but we’re here to make it easier. With our financial coaching, we can make your practice look great in person and on paper without you having to spend endless hours with your balance sheets.

Practice Brokering

If you’re thinking about buying, selling, or building a dental practice, you don’t have to go through this potentially long and frustrating process by yourself. Kelly and Anna partner with Jordan Practice Advisors (JPA) to assist dentists so they can easily find the right listings or buyers and have all their questions answered quickly and thoroughly. Now, you don’t have to sacrifice your bank account or your sanity to find the ideal practice or buyer!